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Erin & Andrew | Handcrafted Highlights Film | Fig Tree Restaurant Wedding

Erin and Andrew,

What a beautiful wedding!

Quickly! Grab the tissues because you will need them!

Your shared passion, unconditional love and connection is evident when together. You bring joy, laughter and lightness into each others lives and thats what best friends and true soulmates for life do!

Erin, you looked absolutely flawless in your dress! fit you like a glove! It was truly an honour to witness the joy and emotion that surrounded your heartfelt vows, as your family and friends came together to celebrate your union.

Congratulations on the start of your journey together. Wishing you all the very best! And Andrew, who doesn't LOVE a spreadsheet...


WLF xx

Videography & Photography: White Leaf Films

Music License: The Music Bed

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