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Celeste & Mike | Handcrafted Highlights Film | Cowbell Creek Wedding

Celeste & Mike, WOW, what can we say? What an absolutely AMAZING day!

It's hard to put into words just how incredible it was! I don’t know what to mention first! The cows (obviously – who doesn’t love a Highland?!?), the chopper, the Bride repping Converse, or the triple champagne-y?

Let’s start with the venue! Isn't Cowbell Creek just a little slice of heaven! What a perfect location for these two legends to tie the knot! Obvious animal lovers, it's no wonder Celeste & Mike chose their precious wee pup as ring-bearer for the day! (On all other accounts the Best Man Lawrence really did do a great job!)

Celeste, you made such a stunning Bride! Simple and elegant in all it’s glory. Extra points given for the converse of course, they’ve never looked so good!

Mike, well who doesn’t love a Groom in a white jacket, does it get better?!? But arriving in a chopper, well, turns out it does! He was dropping ‘em like its hot… tears, f-bombs and even the wedding rings! (Safe to say the dog did a better job!)

Well you've seen it here first folks! The 'Shoey' is out....and the 'triple champagne-y' is in!

A huge congrats guys! We are stoked to be able to share in your special day and also share your wedding anniversary! 11tH March delivers the goods!

Big Love X

Videography: White Leaf Films

Photographer: True North Photography

Florist: Missy La'Belle

Celebrant: Sam Capewell

Pet wedding assistant: First Class Pet Wedding Assistants

Music License: The Music Bed

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