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Tiffany & Toby | Handcrafted Highlights Film | Summergrove Estate

Tiffany & Toby, WOW, what an entrance! Horse and carriage is truly every girls fairytale and Toby was your true prince charming waiting for you down the aisle.

Summergrove Estate provided the perfect setting for you both to tie the knot. This day was set to impress from the get-go!

The connection you both share is a true and solid partnership that will last forever...even though Toby forgot the rings and you were told the kids needed an extra long nap before the wedding… but of course you knew him too well and it didn’t surprise you one bit! Lucky Toby has some 'get out of jail free’ cards for next time.

You both sure know how to kick off a dance floor!! Back flips and all! What a PARTY!

You have the most beautiful family and we are so happy we got to share the celebration of Mr & Mrs Woodroffe!

Congrats Guys, Thank you for sharing your love story with us, we feel blessed to be apart of it!


Photographer: White Leaf Films

Videographer: White Leaf Films

Planning & Coordination: Boho Luxe & Co

Stylist: Boho Luxe & Co

Hire / styling: The One Day House

Hair: Amy Spry

Musician / DJ: Janda Events

Music Licensing: Music Bed

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