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Lauren & Trent | Handcrafted Highlights Film | Bower Estate Wedding

When you know, you know...and it's pretty obvious to know these guys are perfect for each other!!

Lauren & Trent, Wow! Congratulations on an absolutely amazing day! We are smiling ear to ear watching this from beginning to end and that's a sure sign of a truely special day!

There is no doubt about it, The Bower Estate was a perfect choice for these guys to tie the knot! A stunning wedding venue for an equally stunning couple!

Having a legal degree is quite impressive...but having the skills to put a Webber together should definitely rank no. 1 on a resume, just sayin!

A day that was the perfect combo of pure happiness, genuine love and a sprinkle of laughs and a good time as the cherry on top!

​Thank you guys for sharing your love and smiles, it really is infectious and we are soo happy we could be apart of it!

Big Love Guys!


Videography: White Leaf Films

Photography: Fig Tree Pictures

Wedding Venue: The Bower Estate

Hair: Heather Cutts Hair

​Music License: The Music Bed

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