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Emma & Mark | Handcrafted Highlights Film | Hampton Estate Wines Wedding

Emma & Mark,

What an absolutely amazing day! Filled with so much joy, laughter, and lots of love all around!

Hampton Estate Wines wedding venue was the perfect location, looking over the mountains once the fog cleared and the sun came out.... just in time!

Mark, you made it to the preparation extremely late... but you quickly got changed grabbed a beer, and scrubbed up looking so handsome!

Emma, you made a stunning bride in your Made with Love Bridal gown complementing you perfectly and fitting like a glove! That dress was made for you!

Graham caught us all off guard making us all laugh with his speech on what it's like to be married at his age, I'm sure Emma will give you endless amounts of respect, tenderness, and affection for a few more years to come.

Brad, you got put on the spot for a last-minute speech and you nailed it in the true Vigus brother's style "I choose youuuuu".

The love you two share is so special, true soulmates, and we were so honored as your friends to be there capturing every moment of your wedding day!

Big Love! X


Videography: White Leaf Films

Photography: White Leaf Films

Florist: Posy Lane Co

Suit: Politix

Entertainment: Mckenzie Band

Music License: The Music Bed

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