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Breeana & Kallum | Extended Feature Film | Summergrove Estate Wedding

Bree & Kallum,

WOW, what a FUN wedding! You had fireworks, a 360 camera, and a photobooth! And to top it off, the day was held at Summergrove Estate, which was the perfect fit!

Breeana, you made the most beautiful bride! Your eyes sparkled with excitement, reflecting the love and pure joy you have for what's to come as Mrs. McLeod.

Gosh! You made us all giggle when you STOPPED the ceremony to switch sides with Kallum!! Pure confusion written all over your face haha!

It is clear that together you share a love that radiates with warmth, filling your lives with joy, laughter, and shared dreams.

Together, you got through your final wedding speech... which means together you are ready to face the world hand in hand as Mr. & Mrs.!!!!

Thanks for choosing us to be a part of your special day!


WLF xx


Videography: White Leaf Films

Photography: Fig Tree Pictures

Florist & Styling: Arctic Fox

Makeup: Kate Devlin

Music License: The Music Bed

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