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Alex & Josh | Handcrafted Highlights Film | Summergrove Estate Wedding

Some Weddings are "Weddings".... and there are some Weddings that are Parties!

This was certainly a party and what an awesome party it was!

Set at the beautiful Summergrove Estate (I gotta admit, a personal favourite - I mean look at this place, it's amazing!) This day was set to impress from the get-go!

Coupled with a few low hanging clouds and some amazing sun flares, we were in for an awesome portrait session and topped off with a bloody good looking wedding party for the trifecta!!

The tunes were cranking during the signing of the 'official paperwork' which is a good sign you're in for a pretty good night ahead!

Josh certainly had a few good dance moves, the most impressive part was holding an espresso martini and maintaining a clean white shirt! That is a seriously good skill to have!

Alex, you were an absolutely gorgeous Bride!

The moment those chapel doors opened was certainly a 'WOW' moment! The look on Josh's face certainly said it all!

Congrats guys on such a fun-filled day!

Thanks for having us and big love for all the good times ahead! X

Cinematography: White Leaf Films

Photography: The White Tree

Wedding Venue: Summergrove Estate

Dress: Ella Moda

Music Licensing: Music Bed

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